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Wedding of Champions - George and Kayla's Perfect Match

A steady procession of hundreds of Friesian cows passes through the Whitelock family dairy farm, 700 hectares flanked by the Manuatu River and nestled deep in the rolling hills of Linton, Palmerston North. Looking ruggedly handsome in a smart black suit with a white rose in its button hole, Cantebury captain George Whitelock and former All Black, looks towards the horizon and takes a deep breath. Wearing his dapper threads, he looks a tad out of place in this rural setting – his giant, calloused hands the only testament to his rugby and farming life. It’s December 28, 2013 – his big day – three years and two days since he met and fell in love with Black Sticks captain Kayla Sharland at the Boxing Day races in Palmerston North. It’s a wedding of champions between two captains among the cream of New Zealand’s rugby and hockey world and a homecoming too.

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